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Knitting is a technique in which yarn is twisted into a fabric or textile; it’s use is widespread in all sorts of clothing. It can be performed by hand or machine. The term “knitting” describes the process of manipulating yarn into a tight or looser shape and, in doing so, making the fabric more durable. The most common knitted fabrics are towels, blankets and garments such as dresses.

There are two types of knitting techniques: loose knitting and pull-up knitting. Loose knitting means that yarns are held by the needles and pulled through the loops on the needles. Pull-up knitting involves yarn being pulled through the loops one at a time. Each type of technique has its own particular style of knitting.

In knitting socks, the knitting needle is inserted into each hole and the yarn passed through the needle, turning each loop. The yarn is then turned around and passed through the needle again, turning the next loop around before inserting the needle into it. This is known as single-strand knitting. In double-strand knitting, the yarn is turned around after inserting the needle, passing the yarn back through the needle and then through the loops on the needle once again. The resulting stitches are known as double-knit or half-knit stitches.

Crocheting is the term given to a similar technique in which yarn loops are inserted into a needle and then hooked onto the desired point. In crocheting the yarn loop is created by interconnecting loops, also known as a series of “hits”. The hook is inserted into the first hit and pulled out with the hook and yarns passed through the hook. The hook is then inserted into the second hit, pulling the yarns through the hook again, leaving the hook “hooked”. The hook is pulled off, the yarns are passed through the hook once again and the process is repeated until the stitch is completed.

Half-crochet is the simplest style of crochet and the loops of yarn are loosely interwoven, making it similar to the fabric construction of a sweater. This style is often used to create edging, a small edge that borders the piece of fabric. It is the most commonly used style of crochet for children’s clothing. When a series of loops are pulled through the fabric on each side of the piece of fabric to make a border, it creates a decorative edge or “fringe”.

The final step in making a knitted garment is to work the fabric around each row to complete the project. A knitter begins at the center of the first row and works the fabric around the rows to complete the project. The simplest way to complete a knitted garment is to cast on stitches, commonly known as a knit stitch. This is where the fabric is placed on the needle and a knit stitch is run around the needle with one needle. The fabric is then pulled through the stitches, making a completed knitted product.

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